Gulf Ridge Trader



ˇ Allohak (S-2)

ˇ Annawon (S-1b)

ˇ Atlanta Area (T-1) (Used)

ˇ Atlanta Area (SA-5)

ˇ Atlantic Area (S-3)

ˇ Bergen (T-1)

ˇ Boston Minuteman (S-13)

ˇ Boulder Dam Area (SA-11)

ˇ Boulder Dam Area (WA-13)

ˇ Buckeye (S-7a)

ˇ Buffalo Trace (S-10a)

ˇ Cascade Pacific (T-4a)

ˇ Cimarron (S-1)

ˇ Colonial Virginia (S-1)

ˇ Colonial Virginia (S-2b)

ˇ Connecticut Rivers (S-1a)

ˇ Conquistador (S-2c)

ˇ Cornhusker (S-4)

ˇ Daniel Webster (S-3f)

ˇ Four Lakes (S-34)

ˇ Great Rivers (T-3f)

ˇ Great Salt Lake (S-8)

ˇ Great Salt Plains (S-2)

ˇ Great Sauk Trail (S-2)

ˇ Great Smoky Mountain (S-2)

ˇ Great Smoky Mountain (S-7)

ˇ Greater New York (T-97)

ˇ Greater New York Queens (S-3)

ˇ Greater St Louis Area (S-1)

ˇ Green Mountain (T-4b)

ˇ Gulf Stream (T-3)

ˇ Hawk Mountain (S-3)

ˇ Heart of America (S-3)

ˇ Indianhead (S-3a)

ˇ Jayhawk Area (S-4)

ˇ Katahdin Area (T-2d)

ˇ Knox Trail (S-2c)

ˇ Longs Peak (S-6)

ˇ Los Angeles Area (S-1) Used

ˇ Minsi Trails (T-2)

ˇ Minuteman (T-2) Used


Here are is my current dupes list. I use the website for identification.

ˇ Mohegan (S-3)

ˇ Monterey Bay Area (T-1c)

ˇ Mount Baker Area (S3)

ˇ Mount Whitney Area (S-2)

ˇ Muskingum Valley (S-1b)

ˇ National Capital Area (S-2)

ˇ National Capital Area (SA-13)

ˇ National Capital Area (SA-65)

ˇ North Florida (T-2)

ˇ Northern Star (S-1)

ˇ Northwest Sururban (T-1a)

ˇ Northwest Sururban (S-3d)

ˇ Occoneechee (S-6a)

ˇ Old Colony (S-4)

ˇ Orange County (S-28)

ˇ Pacific Harbors (S-3b)

ˇ Peninsula (T-1)

ˇ Pikes Peak (S-2a)

ˇ Puerto Rico (S-48)

ˇ Rainbow (S-2)

ˇ Rio Grande (S-3)

ˇ Robert E Lee (S-1c)

ˇ Sam Houston Area (S-5)

ˇ Samoset (S-5b)

ˇ Samoset (S-12)

ˇ San Mateo County (T-2)

ˇ Scenic Trails (T-1c)

ˇ Seaway Valley  (S-3)

ˇ Sequoia (S-6)

ˇ Sequoyah (S-7)

ˇ Sioux (T-3)

ˇ Teton Peaks (S-3b)

ˇ Thatcher Woods Area (T-1c)

ˇ Thomas A Edison (S-6)

ˇ Three Rivers (S-3b)

ˇ Two Rivers (s-2)

ˇ Viking (S-6b)

ˇ W.D Boyce (S-3)

ˇ West Central Florida (T-1)

ˇ West Tennessee (S-2)

ˇ Western Los Angeles County (T3)

Updated on 06/05/2009

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