My name is John Coble. I am currently Scoutmaster of Troop 370 of the Gulf Ridge Council in Homosassa, Florida. I have been a member of Greater New York Council (The Bronx), Central Florida Council, Tidewater Council, National Capital Area Council, West Central Florida Council and North Florida Council.


When I was a young scout I traded my round blue and orange New York City council patch to scouts that I met from other areas of the United States for what ever they wanted to trade. When my son joined his first cub scout pack, I signed on as a leader and learned that many changes were made to the uniforms worn by scouts and scouters. The change that I noticed first was the colorful Council Shoulder Patch. I dug out my old Red and White Council patches from my youth to share with my son and he was intrigued by the different patches.


During a trip to the council's scout shop, he noticed that there were about 20 different CSP's for sale there. I purchased some and that started the CSP collection. I found out about a few dealers and started to trade via bulletin boards. When I worked at the 1993 Jamboree, I noticed that there was a lot of trading among both scouts and scouters of both CSP's and OA flaps.


There is no better feeling then meeting a fellow trader, making a deal and then closing the deal with a handshake. I don't go after the real pricy patches, collecting only what I think is eye appealing. This webpage is an extension of my collection, hoping to make a trade or two with other “cloth hounds”. I hope you enjoy your visit.


John Coble

4159 S Olbek Pt

Homosassa, FL 34446

Gulf Ridge Trader

Drop me a line and lets trade:

Updated on 07/15/2009